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Fri, 14 December, 2012

Christmas lanterns

Start saving your toilet rolls this week and promote them to the Christmas dining table. With 11 days till Christmas we have a dear little activity today that involves paint, glitter, pegs, a bit of scalpel cutting and some string. The kids will love it!

Here’s what the kids can do:

one // Clip your peg to the toilet roll and hold on to it as you paint the lantern. Paint it inside and out (we recommend red inside and silver outside). You can shift the peg to cover the whole roll.

two // Holding the peg while the paint is still wet, roll the roll in glitter. Move the peg again to cover the entire roll then leave to dry.

three // Starting about a centimetre from the top, use your scalpel to cut the toilet roll along the natural spiral seam (finishing a centimetre from the bottom). Repeat the entire way around the roll with the cuts one to two centimetres apart. Use both hands to press the roll slightly to bend into your lantern.

four // Pierce two holes in the top of the roll on opposite sides and thread a piece of fishing line or string through the holes and tie.

five // Hang from the ceiling above your dining table or tie to a light fitting.

For more fun activities visit Kidspot dot com


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