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Fri, 15 May, 2015

Haus Krai 2015 & The Leniata Legacy

Join communities in Papua New Guinea, Australia and the United States tomorrow for ‘Haus Krai’: An international day of mourning for the victims of gender violence.


In May 2013, a national day of mourning was staged in Papua New Guinea to highlight the violence and suffering of women through rape, murder and claims of witchcraft. Thousands gathered in Port Moresby's Sir John Guise Stadium to commemorate the victims of this violence, express their deep collective grief, and demand change.

Called Haus Krai, the demonstration - led by a grassroots coalition of over 40 different women's groups and NGOs - attracted the attention of the international media, as well as, at the time, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill - who apologised for the violence faced by women in PNG, and pledged a crackdown on perpetrators.

In May 2014, Haus Krai was once again staged, with a focus on the issue of justice for all survivors of gender violence. Events took place in 3 countries, where women, men, and youth came together to once again mourn the victims of violence, and take a public stand against this scourge.



This year, Haus Krai demonstrations are taking place in various cities today and tomorrow  - in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and The United States.

Today, Haus Krai gatherings are being staged in Samberigi Village (Southern Highliands), Goroka, Lihir, Kikori Town (Gulf Province), Pimaga (Southern Highlands), Angore Village (Southern Highlands) and Washington D.C (USA).

Follow the links below to tomorrow’s demonstration event pages for more information on how you can get involved.

16th May Haus Krai events:

2015 USA 'Haus Krai' Prayer Vigil

HAUS KRAI 2015 - Brisbane

HAUS KRAI 2015 - Canberra

HAUS KRAI 2015 - Goroka, PNG

HAUS KRAI 2015 - Kokopo, PNG



The Leniata Legacy represents an international movement sparked after the brutal murder of Kepari Leniata on 6 February 2013 in Papua New Guinea - after which the Haus Krai movement was born. 

The organisation and movement believes that gender-based violence is a disease that cannot survive in certain conditions, so takes a “holistic approach to plant many seeds that have the potential to make gender-crime a thing of the past”. 

This approach involves five (5) pillars: Awareness, Advocacy, Charity, Education and Empowerment.

To find out more about The Leniata Legacy, visit:


WORDS by Pauline Vetuna.


IMAGE 1: The Leniata Legacy.

IMAGE 3: Haus Krai 2015 Lihir, PNG, 15th May (Credit: Vagi Hemetsberger)


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