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Wed, 07 August, 2013

Ranu Guri kite flyers

As the winds change mid-year, and the south-easterly screams through the hills of Port Moresby through Ranu Guri in to Fairfax Harbour, flashes of colour begin to dance over the city.

At dawn and dusk the children of Ranu Guri scale the mountain face – their back yard – with little treasures in hand; home made kites pieced together with whatever works: twigs, wood, plastic, rubber, canvas, and rope.

Up in the atmosphere over Port Moresby their creations soar in the wild wind on 100m lines. The test is how far they can release their kites without losing control over them.

A spectacle and a treat for commuters on the way to and from work in the city.

Photography Copyright Paradise Studios, PNG


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