Past Issues: Issue 04

Issue 04

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to 2013. How great do things look from here?! Another year ahead with so many new things to explore and people to meet.

This issue, we didn’t have to dig very deep to discover all the lovely things that make us happy as we spoke to people about love, relationships, hobbies, families, and careers. If we could melt down all these smile-inducing emotions into a bright colour and stick our pages together with it, we would.

We’ve discovered some new and familiar inspiration, including travelling in Fiji, colourful island wear, outstanding Pacific talents, clever entrepreneurs, and recipes to die for.

Another wonderful treat for us has been getting acquainted with Hon. Julie Soso, Governor of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. What a role model she is.

This new issue has been fun, it’s been refreshing, it’s been almost too good to be true. Stay lovely, keep loving.

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